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From Chicago, with love

(LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND)  They traveled 4,000 miles and spent several thousand dollars of their own money to deliver a simple message: We don't want the Olympics in Chicago.

Three representatives of the group "No Games Chicago" made a perfectly timed visit to International Olympic Committee Headquarters in Switzerland.  They arrived just as IOC President Jacques Rogge concluded a press briefing, which meant many reporters were on hand to document their gripes.

"Lack of money.  Lack of competence. Lack of infrastructure. Lack of public support. How's that?" responded Tom Tresser when I asked why Chicago doesn't deserve the Games.  Tresser and his cadre delivered boxes of news clippings to the IOC detailing corruption and budget problems in Chicago and Illinois.

A reporter from Chicago 2016 competitor Rio de Janeiro even helped the No Games group carry their boxes into the IOC offices.  The Olympic Committee's chief communications officer met with Tresser.  The IOC's Evaluation Commission also listened to the group's gripes during their visit to Chicago in April.


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No Games does not have "gripes".
No Games has documented the substantial reasons why Chicago should not have the Games. Corruption, lack of financial means and a history of financial skullduggery, transportation infrastructure that can not support regular use ( or will we use the potholes for the olympic swimming pools?).
And there are environmental concerns related to ripping up Washington Park. And on and on ad nauseum. The Olympics are just a huge landgrab by Daley and his cronies. It needs to be stopped. I applaud the No Games volunteers for going to Lausanne and confronting Daley and the IOC.

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