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An Un-Spoken Olympic Benefit

Almost everywhere I go these days someone will ask me "what are the Olympics REALLY going to cost us?" The answer: Nothing, so far.  Chicago 2016 has raised more than $76 million in private funds that have been used to pay for everything from paperclips to plane tickets to the vote in Copenhagen.

I've learned of one other interesting expenditure that any true Chicagoan will agree is a wise investment: Speech lessons for Mayor Daley.  That's right, Chicago like other previous candidate cities, has retained the services of a speech coach to work with the team that will make the final presentation to the International Olympic Committee October 2.  The goal is to ensure Chicago's team is using - and pronouncing - words in a way that will be easily understandable to IOC members.  The presentations by all cities will be in English but as anyone who has lived in Chicago knows, our Mayor occasionally experiences trouble with his native tongue.  No doubt the speech coach will attempt to purge the words "bay-sick-eeee," "evy-budy" and "gee, I don't know" out of the Mayoral vocabulary. 

This isn't Daley's first attempt to iron out his diction.  Back in 1983 in his first run for Mayor, Daley's campaign team also hired a speech coach to untangle his syntax.  Believe it or not, what you see and hear today is a vast improvementt over Daley-speak of the 80's. 

Even if Chicago loses next Friday, we all will have won.  Especially those of us who make a living interpreting Mayoralese.


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I was at an event this summer and saw Mayor Daley speak in person and was surprised by how intelligent he sounded, unlike how I expected him to be from various clips on the news.

You are a joke. This station is a joke. The info you give is false and so does this station nothing but false info. I will never watch this station. This station doesn't know anything. The games will cost something and we don't need no 2016 games or this station.

Is Mayor Daley going senile? He does not sound like a mayor of a American city. I can see why he spends millions on marketing companies. In fairness, were you required to submit the questions first? It seemed like he knew the question before it was asked. He looks scary lately, is his health OK?

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