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Nice touch

The architect of Chicago's bid and venue plan, Doug Arnot, just delivered part of his presentation in French, a tip of the hat to a preferred language of the IOC. 

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google also just gave a brief presentation via video pledging to use the power of his company to bring the Olympics to a new generation of young people via cutting edge technology.  


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I've been watching the presentation, and I have to say it's pretty lame. You don't get a real concrete picture of what the city has to offer. Instead there are just shots of kids and crowds and the theme is supposed to speak to the heart, but it really falls flat. There's a bunch of sob stories. I suppose it's designed to appeal to the charity of the Olympic committee. Maybe it's just me, but I didn't think the Olympics were a charity. There is no "wow" factor. The Chicago team should fire their ad agency.

Even President Obama is rambling on about his life story and how diverse Chicago is. What does any of this have to do with the suitability of the city as an Olympic venue?

I'm surprised they didn't show the Bulls/Bears!? Any idea why?

omg, the brief video presentation from Japan I've seen so far, with an emphasis on regular people as Olympians is sooo much better than Chicago's.
I can't believe what a piss poor presentation we gave.

madrid's was poor and boring too but rio's you have to give credit was the best.i liked the part when a world map was displayed about which contients had olympics and which didn't.this is what won rio the games.

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