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Vote tally

Here's the news in black, white and brutal:

First round:
Chicago - 18
Tokyo - 22
Rio 26
Madrid 28

Second round
Rio 46
Madrid 29
Toyko 20

Final round
Rio 66
Madrid 32


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The President would have gotten more than 19% of the vote if he had taken ACORN to Copenhagen.

what killed chicago's bid was:
only 67% support, the relationship of the usa and the rest of the world which stinks right now, ioc even though chicago had the strongest bid wanted a continent that never hosted in which rio was going to get the games no matter what.

more negatives:

the usa's reationships with the rest of the world are very poor thanks to george bush's war.
chicago's rail system which needs to be fast speed
no games chicago which was exposed to the press and media too much.
chicago's media which reported every murder something you don't do when bidding for an event like an olympics!
juan antonio samrach of spain who is a powerful person played a big part in chicago losing telling the europe ioc voters not to vote chicago.

chicago had the best techinal bid but the best bid does not win an olympics.it's how well you can be friends with the rest of the world and the usa is far from that.toyko had 56% support and got knocked out in the second round.it how bad you want the games and rio along with madrid had 85%.this is the biggest key in wining.

The olympics does not have an event for best presentations. If they did, Chicago, IL, USA, would have won a gold medal. The question is, what was the IOC looking for in this special competition and was the judgement fair ?

Chicago did not deserve, need or want the Olympics. We need to get rid of Daley and his band of thieves. We also need to work on crime, corruption, jobs and the terrible school system.

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