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Heading for Haiti

Just a glimpse.

That's all I expect we'll see of the devastation in Haiti when we travel there tomorrow.  United Airlines is flying in 15,000 pounds of water, 300 tents, communications gear and other essentials.  Just as important as the hardware are the people they'll be transporting to and from the earthquake zone.  Relief workers from all over America are converging on Chicago for the flight to Port-au-Prince.  Filling their seats on the way home will be evacuees.  I'm told there have been people lined-up at the Port-au-Prince airport for the better part of a week.  Children.  Adults.  Those who had nothing and still lost everything.  Those looking to put some distance between themselves and the horror in Haiti.

We'll be along for the ride, documenting the journey.  Look for our reports on ABC 7 News and www.abc7chicago.com


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