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Keeping score during Quinn speech

(SPRINGFIELD) There's a fantasy drinking game making the rounds among political reporters.  It involves Governor Pat Quinn and his penchant for using the same few phrases: "Land of Lincoln," "the Constitution," and "the People."  He also has a knack for quoting Scripture.

It's a pretty easy game to learn, especially when you're forced to sit through a political speech.  Every time Governor Quinn utters one of those phrases, you do a shot.  If I didn't need my job to support my wife and two kids - and had I successfully smuggled alcohol into the state capitol - I would have been broadcasting live tonight after consuming  more than 10 shots.

Here's the official tally during today's State of the State address:

Reference: # of mentions:
Lincoln 6
Constitution 2
Scripture quotes 2
The People Too many to count
Democracy I give up

Lest we be too hard on - or appear to mock - our eager Governor, need I remind you of Governor Blagojevich's fondness for quoting Kipling and Elvis lyrics?


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