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Comeback for Cohen?

Ill-fated lieutenant governor candidate Scott Lee Cohen is hinting at the possibility of a political comeback.

The former Democratic nominee posted a message on his Facebook page February 27 telling supporters:

"Public life is not over for us, I would like to meet and hear from as many of you as possibly so thy (sic) we can concentrate on our next steps!"

Voters selected Cohen to be paired up with incumbent Gov. Pat Quinn in the general election. However, hours after declaring victor,y Cohen was answering embarrassing questions about his past.

Court records revealed a history of domestic abuse allegations, steroid use and a volatile relationship with a live-in girlfriend who was convicted of prostitution.

Cohen quit the race days after the prostitute released a statement saying she did not feel her ex-boyfriend was fit to hold office.

Scott Lee Cohen told ABC7 Chicago in early February that he spent more than $2 million of his own money on the race. When he bowed to party pressure and dropped out of the race, Cohen said he hoped Democratic Party officials would help him recoup some of that money.


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