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Daley dis

Let me start by admitting defeat.  Mayor Daley beat me to Twitter.  It's embarrassing but true.  Now that we've both been sharing the triviality of our lives with Twitterdom for about a month now I thought it would be a good time to check the score:

Mayor Daley's followers: 1,445

Ben's followers: 81

A more insecure person might point out the Mayor has tens of thousands of city workers under his rule and therefore having a mere 1,445 followers on Twitter is a bit weak, but I digress.  What I find really interesting about the Mayor's Twitter page is who Hizzoner follows.  Just 14 people/organizations including two media outlets. They are the Financial Times (a publication he loves to quote from) and USA Today. That's it. Apparently Daley doesn't find much worth repeating (or re-tweeting) in the local media.


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