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Chicago: This could have been us

Odds and ends from what was the Chicago Olympic beat:

- Chicago raised a little more than $75 million to fund its failed Olympic bid. The organizing committee spent $59 million.  The leftover money is going to fund sports programs for city kids.

- This week an International Olympic Committee team finished its first formal visit to Rio since the city beat Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Games.  It's conclusion: 'Work harder.' Since winning, Rio has proposed moving some venues and revising budget figures.  Now comes concern from the IOC that the city may be falling behind in the still early building process. "It had laid a solid foundation, but the scope of the Olympic project is immense, and it is important no time is wasted," said Nawal el Moutawakel of the IOC's coordination commission.

- London continues to stun the marketing world with another stupefying branding decision.  The London 2012 logo looks like shattered glass and the animated version reportedly induced seizures.

This week the mascots of the London Games were revealed.  Their names are Wenlock and Mandeville. Pokemon meet mutant:


You can see them dance and hear from the guy who admits to designing the coo ky characters here:

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/olympics/london2012/7741352/London-2012-Olympic-mascots-Wenlock-and-Mandeville-unveiled.html -


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