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Crowds descend on D.C. Mall

There's virtually no first aid immediately available for the throng on the National Mall awaiting the Obama swearing-in ceremony. 

By 6am EST, the crowd size was estimated to be at least in the hundreds of thousands while the temperature remained in the mid-20's.  There only are government buildings for two blocks both North and South of the Mall and all of them are closed to public access.   As already widely-reported, the only toilet facilities are "porta potties" (5,000 of them, which is about 1 for every 400 people)

Shortly after 7am, a woman and her daughter showed up at the ABC compound, the mother concerned that the child may suffered frostbite.   We let them warm themselves for a while before they left to look for first aid, which again, does not appear to be readily available on the mall.


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