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Rod's World

Just an observation from Springfield after watching the governor's "rolling" news conference aired live from the Northside tonight: You might consider what the governor said about all the good he'd done for the people of Illinois and what a bum rap he got from the house and senate...IF...there had been any sign of support for him. There have been no demonstrators at the capitol on behalf of the governor at ANY point during the house hearings or during the senate trial. You'd think that all those people he claims benefited from his governance would be here to let the lawmakers know what a great guy Rod Blagojevich is. And the fact he was impeached in the house by a 117-1 vote (the only "no" vote cast by his sister-in-law) and convicted in a 59-0 senate shutout, its clear Blagojevich has no political support whatsoever. The man on live TV Thursday night must have been living on another planet. Rod's World?


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