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Shamrock Shocker!

  Out of the clear blue (or green) came the news this week that the 30 years old South Side Irish Parade would be no more.   Meeting just two days after the 2009 event that attracted an estimated 300,000 St. Patrick's Day celebrants to the Beverly and Mt. Greenwood neighborhoods, the parade organizers lamented that "the sheer volume had become more than the neighborhood could reasonably accomodate".  They also cited a "collection of issues that strain both the host community and those individuals charged with effectively managing the crowds".  Even Mayor Daley, interviewed by ABC-7's Ben Bradley at an Olympics-related meeting in Denver, expressed surprise at the sudden announcement.

  I've never covered or attended a South Side Irish Parade but through the years I've been enthralled by the bagpipers and "river dancers" strutting down Western Avenue during the live and taped coverage on ABC-7 and other stations.  I've also read my share of news stories about the event.  But howizzit that so many commentators and reporters in recent years have used the "a-good-time-was-had-by-all" angle in their stories with little to no mention of the major problems caused by the event?

  I spent yesterday morning at an awards ceremony at Chicago Police Headquarters and spoke to at least a half dozen officers who live in the Beverly-Mt. Greenwood neighborhoods.  They told me the parade became unbearable for their families at least a decade ago.  One said the available parking on his side street off Western Avenue disappeared by 7am on parade Sunday.  Then the busloads of suburbanites, many of them already drunk, arrived at mid-morning and kept arriving until the march began.  Another 19th Ward cop said he locked the kids and their bicycles in the house on parade day in fear of all the presumptive drunk drivers in the neighborhood.  Then there were all the empty bottles and cans not to mention the trampled lawns.  And while police arrested 54 people for "disorderly conduct" Sunday, my sources told me those were the absolute "most outrageous cases" that involved fights and property damage.  And the same officers, who were off-duty that day, said the number of "parade watchers" who could have been cited for drinking on the public way, underage drinking, and other alcohol-related offenses would have soared into the thousands if every violator was charged.

  But let's get back to the point of this posting.  I believe that so many people reacted with "shock" to the cancellation news because the live commentators, reporters and photographers assigned to cover the event in recent years had not adequately chronicled the parade's devolution from family-friendly to whatever it had become.  Were the paid observers really so taken by what was happening in the middle of Western Avenue that they never looked to the sidewalks and a couple of blocks into the neighborhoods?  I understand that nobody wants to be a killjoy at the biggest St. Patrick's Day event in a jurisdiction where the Mayor, the Governor, the State Senate President, the State House Speaker and so many other elected and unelected public officials trace their ancestry to the Emerald Isle.  But you've gotta tell the whole story including the not-so-nice parts of it.

  And there's something else:  Did politically-correct reporters and editors intentionally look away from the drinking and brawling at South Side Irish in an attempt to "tiptoe" around a certain stereotype? 



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Shamrock Shocker! Yes, you've gotta tell the whole story including the not-so-nice parts of it, like they did with the Puerto Rican parade in New York, they covered the not-so-nice parts very well, but they never covered the nice parts due to the stereotype already there even before "West Side Story". Chicago politically correct reporters, editors,government management staff & IL court staff sometimes or intentionally look away from the issues in an attempt to "tiptoe" around certain stereotype or certain political or government information based on their interest. IDHR for example, after I had discovered IL management staff on 2002 during ex-Ryan Adm.& filed a complain for religious discrimination against IL management staff that goes from Ryan to IDCFS mgmt.after I discovered them all doing something terrible that has to do with the corruption in the state of IL while I was working as a social worker. I already won the case for "wrongful discharge", but as a prose the courts were deficient & sent my court papers to an inmate by the AKA name Mark Howard, whom was kind enough to mailed them to my address. Since then he became my brother in Christ and he continues to pray for my court struggle to bring out the real truth of the corruption in the state of IL that include the ex-gov Ryan & I am the only one that discovered them, then they tried to make a "case" & IDCFS Jess McDonald the last thing he did before leaving on 2002 was to sign my discharge. I had filed a complain with IDHR, but before they finished the investigation the case was closed, they "tiptoe" around because they will not go against the state, on 2002 corruption was spread to different gov. offices. This inmate stated his real name is C.B. Williamson III whom is aware of my struggle to bring out the truth about the root of the corruption in the state of Illinois & kindly offered me support, stated will write a letter to Charles Thomas for the purpose of knocking on some doors, perhaps to find a way to finally have IDHR re-open the case & finalized the investigation, I pray everyday that one day even Fitzpatrick will jump up & down because the truth finally comes out. This truth is more than the corruption of the latest gov. In Jesus name. Maria

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