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"Politricks" 101

    Its the newest addition to the Chicago political lexicon:  "Politricks".

    Its the word used by the Reverend Steve Jones of the Baptist Pastors Conference who spoke at a news conference held to defend County Board President Todd Stroger's veto of an ordinance to repeal the one penny increase in the Cook sales tax.  Jones spoke as he stood alongside Stroger at Provident Hospital, one of the county public healthcare facilities the president has threatened to close if commissioners override his veto and re-affirm last week's repeal vote.

   In a post earlier this week, I reported that in the wake of a recent hiring scandal, several "had-it-up-to-here" Stroger allies on the county board suddenly flip-flopped on the tax issue without giving the president any notice.  The turncoats included Finance Committee Chairman/Mayoral Brother John Daley and president pro-tem Joseph Mario Moreno.  Hmmm.  Nice trick.  They made it a nicer trick for themselves by calling for a vote (12-3 to repeal) fully knowing that two traditionally pro-Stroger commissioners (Sims and Collins) were absent that day. 

  But Daley, Moreno and the others, who supported the sales tax increase two years ago, are not the only ones playing "politricks" these days.  Where are the ministers who regularly defend Stroger and the public health system from threatened cuts?  The only ones to show up at Provident were Davis and another guy I'd never heard of.  What?  No Brazier, Phleger, Hatch, Acree, Trotter, Sampson, Turner, etc. etc?  Have they abandoned Todd, too?  Sure looks like it.

  And what about the "leaker" in Eugene Moore's Recorder of Deeds office, who during the height of the controversy, revealed the embarassing news that the president and his wife Jeanine had a nearly 12 thousand dollar lien on their southside bungalow for unpaid federal income taxes?  Coincidence or more "politricks"?

  Several sources who are ranking members of the Cook County Regular Democratic Party told me this week that there is an active effort put in motion by some party big-wigs this month to discourage Todd Stroger from running for re-election in the 2010 party primary.   They don't believe he could beat an average republican nominee and that his very presence on the primary ballot could affect other democrat races.  And with Stroger still talking about running in the election barely nine months away, some of the most powerful dems are down to playing hardball.  Or, as some folks call it...



I was married to Gwendolyn Chubb and to coin a phrase from Brother Malcolm
“You’ve been hoodwinked and bamboozled” into thinking that the Courts and I specifically kept her away from her children, that my friend is the furthest from the truth.

It appears that Miss Chubb has continued with her wild and false accusations about how our marriage fell apart, that by the way was dismissed by the Courts. Now she wants you to believe that the Courts took the children away and gave me sole custody without so informing her.

Unfortunately she has lied to all of you and now she is perpetrating a fraud by sponsoring a protest against the Court system for justice. I truly empathize with those who have been wronged by the justice system and favor some type of relief to combat the injustice in our system when it comes to real tragedies but, this is not one of them.

Miss Chubb has deliberately refused to see her own children during the course of a three year divorce, during that divorce she without, notifying the court or the children’s father (me) took our children to Alabama, then came back to Chicago to party the next day and stated “Your children are in Alabama if you want them go get them”, (I did) and after that continued a three year campaign to smear my twenty plus years of service working for various elected officials and tried to get me fired from my job, even though I am paying
100 % of the bills taking care of our children feeding and clothing them, mortgage, after school programs, swimming, violin lessons etc., what kind of person is this? This person doesn’t care about her kids; her only goal was to cover up the truth about why this marriage fell apart and why we are finally divorced.
“She was caught having an affair with her drug dealer”.

In the documents I have enclosed, the record will speak for themselves about this liar.
The Court was clear when it said “people would walk through hot coals to see their children even if visitation was needed because their children came first to them”
(pg. 6) At one point she did care for her children now she could care less as long as people don’t know the truth about her.

Since 2009 she has seen her children twice, the courts have begged her time after time set up visitations for her and each time she has refused, (read the letters) and now she wants you to believe that she was wronged, I bet she didn’t tell you that she walked out of the trial not caring what happened to her children, and this person is one of your leaders? For an organization such as yours that is fighting the good fight, you would be better served by someone who is truly honest in their convictions and not a fraud and liar.

The record speaks for itself; don’t take my word read on.

It’s all about her and damn everyone else even her children.

Judge Arce is not a fair man. The talk about him around Markham is that he hates everyone. He wasn't even qualified for being a Judge according to the L&B Bar Association of Chicago and Illinois lawyers. He was appointed because no one was running. That's how he became a Judge. Now he can legally find a hole in someone's cheese and will destroy them as much as he can. Your not alone lady.

The issue of Tony Cole has yet to be addressed and the fact that Stroger did not pay his taxes is apalling!!

There is a GAG ORDER in place for this divorce case.

My name is Gwendolyn Chubb-Shavers. I am going thru a divorce and custody battle with Steve Shavers- Special Assistant to Todd Stroger. Steve was arrested in August 2007 for domestic battery with a weapon (knife). He had been beating me for three years. In January 2008, I filed for divorce and since then, Steven has used his political clout to totally corrupt the proceedings. Steven fraudulently obtained his position with Todd Stroger - (the job required a college degree, Steve has a high school diploma). From January 2007 until January 2008 I completed Steven's work assignments. (I have written proof: emails from Steve, etc.)

Steven has done outside work - zoning changes, occupancy permits, building permits, private real estate development, etc. during county work time, I know this because I helped him complete it. Steven has cheated on his federal and state income taxes since we've been married (2001) by claiming Head of Household and he has NEVER filed married or even claimed me.

My first lawyer, Rhea Dorsam said to me - "I refuse to bring up the domestic violence because WE need to protect Steve's reputation". Rhea advised me to leave the marital home with my kids and then told Judge Arce I left voluntarily. Steve then had a restraining order issued against me where I'm not allowed entrance to my own home where all of my belongings still are- that was granted when I was not in court and did not have a lawyer. Instead of submitting a motion for child support or child care while court was in session, Rhea waited until the Judge was done with the hearing and then personally asked Dan for child care because I had to find full-time employment. Dan's response was, "she wanted the kids, their her responsibility". Rhea Dorsam then advised me to take my kids to Alabama to stay with my mom for two weeks while I went on job interviews; at no time did she tell me, inform me, warn me that I could be charged with kidnapping and lose custody of my children! Now in court the Judge calls me a "flight risk", so I am only allowed "supervised visits" with my children two hours a week. Steve charged me with kidnapping and now has temporary possession of my two children. Steven has been allowed to run roughshod over my rights as their mom and get away with it (withholding visits, telling me kids are sleep or busy or I can visit them on his terms, inviting me over to the marital home when there is an order in place for me to stay away. Judge Edward Arce has a prior relationship with Steve thru Commissioner Roberto Maldonado so why is Arce over our divorce and custody case? What happened to Judge Schuster who was the original Judge in courtroom 102? She gave me full custody of the kids, possession of the marital home and a restraining order against Steve. When we went back to court, she had been transferred and Judge Edward Arce was there. I have asked Arce six times for a No Contact Order against Steve. Arce refuses every time, as a result Steve is allowed to torture and taunt me on a regular basis. PLEASE INVESTIGATE Asap! I have documentation and court records. I even have a letter from my former attorney Rhea Dorsam to Steve's attorney Dan Florey stating she advised me to leave my marital home (turns out Dan Florey and Rhea Dorsam are friends) and in the letter Rhea made an agreement with Steve's lawyer not to seek alimony for me, even though I had full custody of our two children and was unemployed (she never discussed this with me, she went against everything she was retained to do). After which, Steve's lawyer charged me with abandoning the home. When I left in January with my two children I was unemployed, had been a housewife for 8 years (Steve beat me when I looked for a job or attempted to complete my Master's Degree ) had no income and was living in my girlfriends basement from January until July when kids were stolen from me with the whole kidnapping set up.

Steve refused to let me work, explaining to my own father that if Gwen had a job, she would have options- and if Gwen had any options at all, she would leave me (those are Steve's words). In July of 2007 I found a position doing Professional Development educational consulting work. Steve called my place of employment and threatened them; I have witnesses to this. There is not ONE motion for child support, child care or maintenance from Rhea Dorsam in my file. I paid Ms. Dorsam 2,200 dollars. Also, the day after Dan Florey filed his appearance on behalf of Steve Shavers, my entire court file disappeared along with the card one must sign to view the file. The second attorney Mr. Rod Wimberly said to me after our court appearance on April 20, 2009 "the things they are getting away with are unethical and illegal - and I don't want to jeapordize my entire career because of your one case". He then refused to communicate with me completely. I fired him at the last court appearance on July 14, 2009 after he failed to give me the contact information for the children's attorney Mr. Michael Lew and as a result I lost the two hour per week visit I am allowed with my children. Please, please, please help me. Thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Steven has removed my children from the Chesterfield day care center and refuses to tell me where they are or who they are with! The kids attorney says he has no control over that. I no longer have an attorney (if I had ever had one).

P.S. Judge Arce issued a gag order on this case so I will be held in contempt for informing you, however, I need help.
Steven Shavers arrest date: August 7, 2007. The police did take pictures of the beating...

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