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Bad Moon Risin'

  The latest poll released by Southern Illinois University's Paul Simon Institute for Public Policy indicated some serious "trouble on the way" for state democrats.  Both of the party's major candidates for Governor favor their own versions of an income tax increase to resolve the state's estimated $10 billion dollar budget deficit. 

  But the Simon survey of 800 registered voters around the state found that nearly two-thirds (65.5%) oppose an income tax increase from 3% to 4.5% as proposed by Governor Pat Quinn.  Another substantial majority of respondents (56.5%) thought that the state's budget problems could be resolved by cutting waste and inefficiency in government.

  Whoa!  That last line could have been taken from the stump speech of at least five of the six republicans running for their party's nomination.

  The poll, conducted between September 8th and October 9th, has a 3.4% margin of error.  It also revealed that Illinois voters were very fuzzy when asked which wasteful or inefficient programs should be cut.  In short, there was no consensus whatsover in the answers to those questions.

   Professor Charles Leonard, who supervised the survey said, "a huge underlying problem lawmakers face is the folk wisdom that state government is so full of massive waste and fraud that, if we could only cut them, such an action would make our fiscal problems disappear."

   Well, this reporter is no expert in folk wisdom.  But if this poll is accurate, I wouldn't want the job trying to sell Illinois voters on any kind of tax increase now or anytime in the near future.



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