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Michael Scott's Gun

  If you believe that Chicago School Board president Michael Scott shot and killed himself as the Cook County Medical Examiner has reported, then also believe that Scott was not an adherent to Mayor Daley's anti-gun crusade.   Police say a .380 caliber semi-automatic pistol, illegal within the city limits, was found under the body of the 60 year old real estate developer whom the M.E. said died from a single bullet fired into the left side of his head.

  For the entirety of his 20 years in office, Daley has defended the city's law prohibiting handgun possession and called on tougher state and national statutes to regulate the manufacture, sale and registration of pistols and assault weapons.  The mayor insists its a matter of "common sense"; if an automobile must be registered after manufacture and again after its sold, why not require the same for handguns.  Daley wants assault rifles banned altogether.

  How many times did Scott, whose political support of the mayor goes back to Daley's first, failed 1983 campaign, stand in the background at news conferences as his patron pleaded passionately for gun control?   Surely Scott read, watched and heard news reports on the mayor's support for and sponsorship of gun "turn-ins", Daley's "no-questions-asked" effort to reduce the number of firearms in Chicago.

   The Medical Examiner is suggesting that Michael Scott had an illegal, unregistered handgun in the car with him late Sunday/early Monday.  He reportedly left his near west side home, picked up a pizza, visited his sister at a South Loop care center before driving to the Chicago river's edge underneath the Kinzie Bridge.  

    Was the Chicago School Board President another city gun criminal?  

    He was, if you believe the Cook County Medical Examiner.



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