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Man of His Word

  U.S. Congressman Danny Davis did exactly what he said he would do.

  It was last spring that the 68 year old Davis told this reporter and others that he would not run for Cook County Board President against three other African-American candidates.  When the sun came up Monday morning, November 9th, there were three other black candidates filed to run on the February 2, 2010 ballot.  So Davis, who claimed he led public opinion polls he commissioned on the race, opted out citing a need for "unity in the community".  The seven-term congressman will run for re-election in the 7th Congressional District. 

  The remaining board president candidates including incumbent Todd Stroger, Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown, city Alderman Toni Preckwinkle and Water Reclamation Board Chairman Terrence O'Brien are scrambling to get Davis's support for their campaigns.   The congressman, promising to eventually annoint one candidate in the race, said that O'Brien has just as good a chance as any of the African-Americans.

  President Stroger, who met with Davis 24 hours before the Congressman made his announcement, believes he has an inside track for the endorsement.  Stroger points to the fact that he's the incumbent and that unlike the city and state governments, Cook County has a balanced budget.  Its also noteworthy that unlike the city and state, there have been no federal corruption indictments in Cook County government during the administrations of Todd Stroger or his father who preceded him in office.  (In these parts, that's sayin' something)

  The Davis announcement also broke up a political logjam surrounding prospective candidates for the 7th District Congressional seat.  State Senator Rickey Hendon will forget Congress and run for Illinois Lieutenant Governor.  State Representatives La Shawn K. Ford and Annazette Collins will run for re-election to the state legislature and the dynamic community activist the Reverend Marshall Hatch will put aside elective politics and tend to his flock at the New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church.

  Two others, businessman Jim Ascot and Deputy Recorder of Deeds Darlena Burnett will continue their longshot campaigns against Davis. 



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