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What Was Quinn Thinking?

  I almost choked on my cinnamon roll at Ann Sather's restaurant this morning when I saw Governor Pat Quinn sitting with Alderman Dick Mell.  Mell and a half dozen other northside Chicago pols were about to endorse the Governor in the 2010 democratic primary. 

  I was like, doesn't Quinn know that Mell is the father-in-law of Rod Blagojevich and the guy who "sent" the impeached former governor?  Why would Quinn (or Mell, if he really wants Quinn elected next year) give the governor's primary and/or possible general election opponents another "bone" to chew? 

   The posse for Quinn's primary challenger Dan Hynes was quick to pounce on the Mell endorsement.  They issued a release calling the 33rd Ward Alderman the "political patron of Rod Blagojevich, and a man synonymous with Chicago Machine politics."  Continued Hynes' communications director Matt McGrath: "It would never even occur to us to seek the endorsement of the single individual most responsible for inflicting this state with Rod Blagojevich."

   McGrath didn't stop: "The rest of us are once again left to wonder about Pat Quinn's true convictions and commitment to anything beyond his own election."

   After about five minutes at the podium praising Quinn the way he has not praised a gubernatorial candidate since his son-in-law in 2002, Mell said he had a budget hearing at city hall and did not hang around for questions.

   I left a half-eaten cinnamon roll on the table.


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