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Early Vote Losers

  Anyone who "early voted" in the democratic primary for Illinois governor between January 11th and 20th made their decision without seeing candidate Dan Hynes' "game-changing" ad featuring 1987 video of the late Mayor Harold Washington.  Washington "speaks from the grave" explaining how he fired Pat Quinn for incompetence as director of Chicago's Department of Revenue.

  What voter would not want that information as he/she makes a decision between now-Governor Quinn and Hynes?  Is Quinn, as Hynes charges, as incompetent today as he was 23 years ago?  Is Hynes, as Quinn's supporters counter, a disrespectful, grave-robbing political "desperado" who would inflame decades-old racial tensions within the party to win the primary?

  Other early vote losers include those who cast ballots for DuPage County Board Chairman Bob Schillerstrom in the republican gubernatorial primary.  He dropped out last Friday and threw his support to former Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan.   Not only did the Schillerstrom early-birds waste a vote for Bob, they've already fired their single ballot-bullet and cannot do as their guy recommends and opt for Ryan.

  And don't forget those early voters in the Cook County Board President's race who cast their ballots before the hub-bub surrounding "Jeans Day" in candidate Dorothy Brown's circuit clerk's office. 

  Just wanted to point out that after all the kudos given early voting in Illinois, the system is not without this major drawback: 

  Cast your ballot too early...and run the risk of a less than fully-informed decision.



I am not a game changer, but I have been wanting to do a pigeon drop on Dillard.***I am a senior citizen and live in Dillard's district. I came up with an idea to create a senior citizen driver's license plate that would also bring the State a new source of revenue. After inquiring, the Secretary of State wrote and advised me that legislation would be necessary to create such a plate. I emailed Dillard and attached a letter presenting my idea inasmuch as I live in his district. That was in May 2009. After a month's passage in time, I again emailed Dillard and advised that if I did not receive a response from him within a couple of weeks, I was withdrawing my letter. I heard nothing. I then wrote Congressman Rush and again heard nothing. But Dillard is the one who wants to be our governor!***Now, it seems to me if Mr. Dillard had ambitions on being the Governor of the State of Illinois, he would have grabbed my idea and used it to gain recognition by evidencing a true interest in creating new revenue for the state -- and also to show his interest in senior citizens of this state. Instead he did nothing. I simply cannot believe that his staff would have overlooked presenting my letter to him. Problem here is I see him as someone (Biggert also) who has no concern or respect for bipartisanship after elections (I am traditionally a Democrat give or take some necessary crossover votes), and no matter how fantastic my idea may be, he is not interested. This certainly would be in conflict with the platform of a state governor. A new license plate for seniors would go over quite big. The state would lose many seniors in other plate categories, but the offsets would come with the new senior plate fee and the fact that birthdays give the State of Illinois new seniors every day of the year! The plate I have in mind has a totally different face/colors on it.

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