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No Respect

  Jacob Meister was conspicuous in his absence at last nights candidate "forum" at WTTW-TV for three other contenders for the democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.   The station snubbed Meister, who earlier Wednesday filed what amounted to a discrimination complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.

  As reported in this space Tuesday, the region's "window to the world" public television station used a nearly two month old poll to determine that Meister lacked the support of five per cent of voters to participate in the program.  The station discounted the fact that since the Chicago Tribune survey, Meister had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on his campaign, including the purchase of time to air over two thousand commercials on broadcast and cable television. 

  The complaint contended that since Meister was a qualified candidate, the only reason the station could have used to bar him is the fact that Meister is gay.  The FCC did not respond to the mid-afternoon discrimination allegation in any way that would make a difference in WTTW's decision.

  Meister campaigned last night in Woodstock.


The machines push on with business as usual - only the political puppets were invited to WTTW. The same poll that WTTW referenced showed that a majority of voters were undecided. WTTW, just like FOX, probably has a similar corporate sponsorship. So pick the FOX and WTTW agenda as your "Window to the World". Or pick the real outsiders. If not, Hello MA.

Meister = cry baby and using his sexual orientation for his benefit. I'm openly gay and am totally offended by his statements. By talking about it in such a dumb way, he cast such a bad image for everyone else who is gay. And for crying out loud, ITS PBS, THE MOST INNOCENT STATION EVER. It's like harassing the Red Cross or something...

Enough whining about how everyone picks on me because of my sexual orientation. I don't want my next senator to have such thin skin. This is politics not tiddly-winks. FYI...Hoffman being proud to be a parent is not an insidious anti-gay comment. Both Alexi and Hoffman are strong on LGBT issues.

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