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Black Pols: Muscle or Myth?

  Former Illinois Senate President Emil Jones is retired and he says out of elective politics for good.  But that doesn't mean the 74 year old southsider doesn't still know "the game".  After nearly 36 years as a state lawmaker and before then a democratic precinct worker and aldermanic aide, Jones knows the political landscape of Chicago's African-American community as well, if not better than anyone alive.

  So when "the president", as he is still respectfully called, says the credibility of the city's black political leadership is on the line, people should take the warning seriously.

  "Everybody's on the line" honked Jones in his legendary nasal baritone, "Everybody!"

   Jones realizes that while virtually every black elected official in the city of Chicago has endorsed Governor Pat Quinn in the democratic primary, challenger Dan Hynes could carry the black wards next Tuesday or run strong enough in them to win the primary.  Hynes strategists point to an independent poll suggesting the 41 year old Illinois Comptroller is leading by a stunning 45-38% margin among African American voters.

   The governor's roster of black endorsers, including U.S. Congressmen (3), state reps and senators, city aldermen, county commissioners, suburban mayors, etc., are still reeling from Hynes' controversial "Harold Washington speaks from the grave" campaign ad.  Will black voters heed the iconic Washington's 22-year-old taped warning about Pat Quinn's incompetence...or will they follow the advice of their living and breathing elected leaders and support the governor's election.

  The African-American pols know that they will "wear the jacket" if they can't carry Quinn.  Not only are they up against Dan Hynes' wily political operatives, they're in a fight for their own credibility with the ghost of the revered Washington.  

  And finally, there's the irony that eats away at them:  candidate Hynes is the son of Tom Hynes, who "back in the day" was one of Harold Washington's most bitter political enemies.

  This is serious stuff.

   Just ask Emil Jones.   



God Bless ,

I would like to know; why have'nt the govenment cut spending from their personal pockets? They have taken enough from us. They are over paid. They need to start cutting their,starting with cost of living increases. They took from us over 30 years ago. No! That is too much like RIGHT. Take away the credit cards that they are misusing. They have misused their privileges for so long. Are we going to continue to let them?

God Bless,
Kim Wade

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