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Preckwinkle's 304 Year Old "Endorser"

  Toni Preckwinkle's rolling out the big guns or should that be the "old guns" in the democratic primary race for Cook County board president.  The 4th Ward Chicago Alderman, a former school teacher, is joined by none other than "Benjamin Franklin" in her latest TV ad to begin airing later today.

  The spot begins with former schoolteacher Preckwinkle in the classroom reminding the kids (and voters) what Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac said about "a penny saved is a penny earned".  Its an obvious reference to the candidate's promise to rollback the remaining half cent of the one penny increase in the sales approved by the county board in 2008. 

  Its cute.

  But hey, the bigger story is that Preckwinkle apparently has enough money for TV combat with Water Reclamation Board President Terry O'Brien.  The commercial is Preckwinkle's second and perhaps evidence that she can go "dollar to dollar" with O'Brien down the stretch.  

  So far, President Todd Stroger and Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown are no-shows when it comes to broadcast television advertising.


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