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Saved By a "Deep Bench"

  I had several phone callers and e-mailers this afternoon and tonight asking why I was not in Washington covering President Barack Obama's state of the union address tonight.  The answer is that in this extraordinary political year, the 2010 address happens only six days before the February 2nd Illinois primary election.  The ABC7 news managers and I agreed that there's no way the station's political reporter could abandon campaign coverage for two days (including travel to and from D.C.) to attend the speech.

  The major parties here have two "too-close-to-call races" for Governor underway, the reported undecided vote in the democratic U.S. Senate contest means it could turn any which way and who knows what could happen in the four-way democratic primary for Cook County Board President.

  What's comforting for all of us at ABC7 is that the state of the union coverage is in the very capable hands of my colleague Ben Bradley.  His reports today previewing the night at the Capitol were excellent and we expect the same in his post-speech coverage. 

  As they say in the world of team sports, we've got a "deep bench"!


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