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Poll: Giannoulias Leads Kirk

    The latest independent DailyKos/Research 2000 poll on the Illinois U.S. Senate Race shows that despite his campaign's bravado, Mark Kirk has an uphill battle ahead in a decidedly democratic state.  The poll, which has a liberal-leaning reputation, suggests that Kirk's initial approach to voters is not showing much progress.   But with nine months until the November general election, there's still plenty of time for his campaign to shift its focus to more pressing issues facing Illinois.

   Among 600 likely voters surveyed between February 22-24, democrat Alexi Giannoulias, the Illinois Treasurer leads the 10th District U.S. Congressman by a significant 43-36% margin.  The poll's margin of error is plus or minus 4%.

  Kirk's republican surrogates have spent virtually every day for the past three weeks trying to link the democratic candidate to financial problems at the Giannoulias family-owned Broadway Bank.    This reporter gets several e-mails a day suggesting new "angles" on the "scandal" and Giannoulias' alleged refusal to answer questions about his work as the bank's chief loan officer before his election as Treasurer in 2006.

  Its the same strategy that Giannoulias' opponent David Hoffman used during most of the democratic primary.  Hoffman kept grinding away at the supposed ethics issue but never connected with most voters, who judging by their support for Giannoulias and to a lesser extent Cheryle Jackson, were more concerned about economic issues.

  One more thing:

  The same poll had Governor Pat Quinn leading his republican opponent Senator Bill Brady by a whopping 47-32% margin. 

  Remember...it's still early in the game. 


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