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Tax Increase? What Tax Increase?

  A most interesting but under-reported quote came yesterday from the mouth of "his excellency", Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan in Springfield as he discussed the state's gigantic ($13 billion) budget deficit:

"That doesn't mean that there has to be a tax increase".

  That's how CapitolFax quoted Madigan in its 4:18am dispatch today.

   Remember that during the past seven months, including during his successful primary campaign, Governor Pat Quinn promised that he and the democratic leaders of the House and Senate would address the state's need for new revenue "after the primary election".  At the very top of Quinn's 2010 legislative wish list has been an increase in the Illinois income tax--with added exemptions, etc. to reduce the burden on the poor and/or homeowners--to generate the additional billions needed to bring the budget into balance.

  Without the Speaker's support, does it mean that the Governor will have to drop his drive for "new revenue"?  Does this mean the republicans have lost their central campaign issue for November?  How will Illinois get the money it needs to operate for the next year?

  Remember that Madigan, Speaker for 25 of the last 27 years, is also chairman of the ruling Illinois Democratic Party.  He, not the governor, is the unquestioned power in state government. 

  Then slowly lift your eyes back to the quote featured near the top of this post. 

   Don't worry that Madigan's words make the Governor's campaign promise look either out of touch or foolish.  

     Madigan is the Boss.



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