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  Yes, Mayor Daley's widely publicized internet solicitation for aldermanic candidates is part of hizzoner's effort to make the selection process transparent.

  As the second decade of the new millenium dawns, the new political buzzword is "transparency".  Mayors, governors, lawmakers and bureaucrats at all levels of government talk about how "open" they are and how they give their constituents unlimited access to the processes of government.

  It sounds sooooo good, doesn't it?

  Daley has to fill two vacancies in the city council.  The First Ward seat is open because former alderman Manny Flores accepted an appointment to become director of the Illinois Commerce Commission.  the 29th Ward council seat was resigned by Isaac Carothers who is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges.

   In the past, when the vacating alderman wasn't on his way to prison, the mayor would accept the outgoing council member's recommendation for a replacement.

   But no more of that insider stuff. The Mayor wants us to believe that he would consider appointing the replacements from any number of people who would apply on-line for the $110,000 a year jobs. 

  Applicants don't have to worry about being "nobody nobody sent".  No more back room deals.  No more Chicago politics as usual for Daley in 2010 as he prepares himself for a re-election campaign less than a year from now.


   You should see right through it.




Great Column! It's tough to start trusting people when their record would indicate otherwise...

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