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8th Ward Coup: Stroger Out, Harris In

  Lame duck Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is about to become even lamer and will soon take another step toward political oblivion.

  Sources tell ABC7 that Stroger will formally resign as 8th Ward democratic committeeman "within days" and that precinct captains have already selected Alderman Michelle Harris to be his replacement.  

  Stroger's failed primary re-election campaign was a disaster of historic proportions.  Not only did he finish fourth in a four candidate race, incumbent Stroger failed to get a majority in his own 8th Ward. Dozens of precinct captains apparently "went out the back door" on their committeeman and supported one of the other candidates on February 2nd.

  The 8th Ward Regular Democratic Organization was built by Todd's father, the late John Stroger. It routinely turns out more African American voters than any ward in the city and 8th ward "troops" are notoriously dispatched to get out the vote and influence outcomes in other wards.        

  The current disarray in the 8th especially concerns Mayor Richard M. Daley who has used the political organization there as his base of operations on the black southside.

  It's no coincidence that Daley, who is preparing a possible run for his seventh term in 2011, has put alderman Harris (whom he appointed in 2006) on a fast track to power.  As Todd Stroger's decline accelerated during the past year, Harris, the 48 year old once-elected alderman began showing up in camera range at mayoral events all over the city. The rumor mill now has it that she will be appointed to chair a major city council committee.

  But will a blessing from the Mayor be enough to give Harris the credibility she'll need to rebuild the 8th Ward Regular Democratic Organization? 

  Will the legendary "Soldiers for Stroger" march for Michelle?

  With the city elections only one year away, Hizzoner needs to know sooner than later.  





Denise, it is pretty lame of you to be so late on this. This happened in March and you are just posting in August ?

What kind of Alderman would you be ?

And Harris did not get any committee chairmanship, so Charles got that wrong too.

Copy has it wrong. Precinct Captains did not vote Michelle Harris into the Committeemanship. At a meeting Todd Stroger handed her the position and told her that he believes an elected official should hold that position and ushered her up to the mike. He then told us he would be around and pretty much left the meeting. Todd Strogers pulpit pretty much threw him under the bus. I am running because who needs that kind of loyalty when you are trying to fix a community that's broken and suffering.

its about time he is gone i hope that the next one will work out. thank you Jesus he is gone. free at last free at last the idiot is gone

Check out the February 4th "Precinct7" post. President Stroger won a plurality with 41% of the vote. More people in the 8th Ward voted for the other three candidates.

Charles, pretty lame of you beating up on the guy. He won the 8th ward with the majority of the votes there.


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