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GOP's Mystery "Majority"

  After listening on-line to dozens of pro and con Healthcare Reform speeches streamed from the U.S. House of Representatives Sunday, I was intrigued by a recurrent theme used by the Republican speakers:  The "majority" of Americans, they insisted, oppose the historic measure eventually passed by democrats to the delight of the White House.

  Perhaps the republicans thought anti-reform "Tea Partiers", thousands of whom made weekend trips to the Capitol to attend "kill the bill" rallies, represented the sentiments of most Americans.  At times, it may have looked that way during television news broadcasts.   

  But by Sunday morning, after reports of racial slurs and anti-gay epithets being shouted at certain congressional democrats, the GOP leadership tried to put distance between themselves and demonstrators outside the House Chamber who were part of the "majority".

  During their floor speeches, republicans sometimes cited "polls" to back up their claims that most Americans thought "Obamacare" was too expensive, a jobs-killer, and a "socialist".outrage.  

  Just a guess, but the vast majority (there's that word again) of Americans probably did not get a call from the polling companies whose surveys were so lauded by the republicans.

  But this much we do know:  Only 16 months ago, 53% of Americans voted for Barack Obama who insisted countless times during his presidential campaign that Healthcare Reform would be his number one domestic priority.   Also, understand that voter turnout, nationally, in the 2008 general election was the highest in 40 years.  And what's more, the same voters sent an overwhelming majority of democrats to Congress, presumably to support the new president's agenda.

  In a democracy, majorities are not made by screamers and pollsters.

  They are won on election day.  




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