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Just Askin'...

 Mayor Daley's Monday news conference to announce his appointments to fill two aldermanic vacancies ended before this reporter could ask a few more questions.  They concerned the naming of State Representative Deborah Graham (D-78th) to fill the 29th Ward vacancy on the west side, caused by the Isaac Carothers' guilty plea to Federal corruption charges.  Given her experience as an elected official, the mayor is more than confident she'll do a fine job.

  Here's what's curious about Graham:

  Her current "day job" is as a city employee:  the "coordinator of special projects in the Department of Planning and Development".   Whatever salary Graham makes there is on top of the nearly $68,000 a year she's paid to be a state representative.  She says she'll resign the Planning and Development gig when the council approves her appointment to the $110,000 a year alderman's job.

Hmmm.  Two levels of government at the same time.

Questions for Ms. Graham:

"What kinds of 'special projects' did you coordinate for the Department of Planning and Development?"

"How did you get your city job?" 

"In Springfield, how did you balance representing your 78th District constituents and your bosses at city hall?

Question for Hizzoner?

"Was Graham a political hack given a do-little city job to do your bidding in Springfield?"

  Just Askin'.


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