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Meaningless "Transparency"

  So what is the Illinois Democratic Party's public hearing "extravaganza" Saturday really about?

  The state party's 38 member central committee is sponsoring six hearings around the state to hear testimony from 260 people who have "applied" to be selected to run for Lieutenant Governor on the November ballot with Pat Quinn.  The committee will make its decision a week later, March 27th, in Springfield.

  This is the latest effort by the dems to convince us that they no longer do their deals in the proverbial "backroom" and that Chairman Michael Madigan and company are now some new age "transparent" version of their familiar, secret selves.

  Yeah, right.

  So what's with the Friday headlines in both Chicago newspapers that Governor Quinn privately interviewed another of his favorites, State Senator Susan Garrett?  And didn't the governor do the same several weeks ago with federal Veterans Affairs honcho Tammy Duckworth, who turned him down?   Granted, the governor should have a major voice in who his running mate will be, but in light of all the hoopla over the "open" process, how can he court candidates privately?  Are his personal favorites more than equal in the process?

  And could somebody explain how 38 central committee members can hear the testimonies of over 200 candidates at six different hearings (five locations) on one Saturday to make a decision only seven days later?

  At best, a handful of bosses will show up at one of the locations nearest their homes to hear a dozen or so candidates waste their time. 

  I thought about working this Saturday (my day off) to cover the hearings.  

  Forget about it.

  But I do plan to be in Springfield on the 27th to let you know what the dems decide... 

...after they meet in private.  


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