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Nonstop Strife For Stroger

  Sometimes I wonder what many of my colleagues will do after Cook County Board President Todd Stroger leaves office in December.   After being routed in February's democratic primary, three months later the lame-duck Stroger remains the Chicago news media's favorite whipping boy.

  He asked for some of the latest lashes when a few days after his catastrophic re-election run he hired Carla Oglesby, a spokeswoman for the campaign, as a $116,000 a year deputy chief of staff.   And raising more eyebrows, the county's check register revealed that Oglesby's public relations firm, CGC Communications, had been paid $24,975 as part of a no-bid contract  to do work for the county. 

  Hmmm.  Were the job and contract payoffs for previously-performed political work? 

  Stroger denied the suggestion but would comment no further until the county's Inspector General completes an investigation.  Oglesby, meanwhile, has been placed on unpaid leave.

Missing Furniture?

 Then the outgoing County Board President takes another undeserved lick. 

  In her April 25th Chicago Sun-Times column, rumorist Michael Sneed questioned why "new desks, chairs and cabinets had arrived for Stroger and his executive staff at his fifth floor office. 

  Sneed even quoted a "source" who witnessed, "It's really, really nice stuff....quality, quality wood."

  Well, Stroger held a news conference in the office yesterday, May 4th, and reporters saw the same old furniture that has been there since Richard Phelan's term as county board president ended in 1994.   

   Stroger told us that new furniture to replace the 20 year old pieces in the president's office was ordered months ago as part of the county's ongoing capital program which was approved by vote of the county board.  He dismissed the inaccurate "Sneedling" as just another unconfirmed, newspaper cheap shot.

  Let's see...about seven months to go until the new County Board President takes office.

  What will Stroger's critics do without him?




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