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The Perils of Pat Quinn

  "Members of the legislature, both parties (in) both houses, are reluctant to make cuts.  I am not reluctant  to do what has to be done..."

  Governor Pat Quinn said the above last week (May 21st) at the end of a sentence.  He wasn't mumbling but he spoke the words in something less than his usual declarative style.

  It was Quinn's indirect way of all but conceding that for the second year in a row, he had given up his quest for "new revenue" (income tax increase) and realized the inevitability of another half-baked budget from the General Assembly.

  As has become practice in recent years in Illinois--home of the $13 billion deficit--lawmakers approve a spending plan fully knowing there's not enough money in it to fund the government at its current levels for a full year.  Then, they leave it up to the governor to make the cuts they will not recommend.  The Governor, in turn, takes the political heat when the money dries up and/or the bills are not paid. 

   They call the as-yet-unwritten book on the Illinois style "Profiles in Cowardice".

   Wasn't this the same dynamic at the root of the last big pre-impeachment fight between former Governor Rod Blagojevich and House Speaker Michael Madigan?

  Really, the only difference between Governors Blagojevich and Quinn is that Quinn, in his own words at the top of this post, appears to accept his place "as statutory fall guy" in the perilous world of Illinois politics.  The Governor, despite his executive office and the fact he won his party's primary, is NOT the boss in democratic-controlled Springfield when it comes to raising and spending the state's money.  Madigan is.

  And Madigan, the Illinois Democratic Party chairman, doesn't appear concerned that making the governor make unpopular cuts this summer and early fall might jeopardize Quinn's general election chances in November. 

  The governor likes to talk about the good relationship he has with Madigan and democratic Illinois Senate President John Cullerton.  He says the trio frequently shares breakfast at the governor's mansion in Springfield.

  I wonder if Quinn knows everything that's on the menu at what's supposed to be his table.






You should ask Quinn about the mass layoff june30 for all contractual workers !!!!!

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