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See Mark Run. Run, Mark, Run!

  U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk has given new meaning to the phrase "running for office".

  The republican congressman "quickstepped" his way through a Hyatt Regency kitchen while being chased by reporters who had just watched him speak to the Metropolitan Planning Commission.  We newsies thought we could ask the gentleman from Illinois about his admitted "misremembrance" of his military record and the latest controversy over his teaching career as reported by the New York Times.

   The NYT story quoted leaders of a Methodist Church community in Ithaca, New York saying that Kirk "never, ever" taught at the congregation's nursery school in 1981 as he has claimed in campaign ads and other bios.  They say at most, then-college student Kirk may have been a teachers' aide whose duties would have included playing with the pre-schoolers at recess.

   There's a C-Span videotape from 2006 in which representative Kirk is seen and heard on the floor of Congress speaking about "the kids who were the brightest lights of our country’s future" and "those who bore scrutiny as people who might bring a gun to class.”  

   Who can blame reporters for having questions about the congressman's claim to have faced down gun-toting toddlers in Ithaca?   Isn't this the same U.S. Navy Reserve "Intelligence Officer of the Year" who once told a congressional hearing that he survived anti-aircraft batteries "shooting at us" in Iraq?  The same guy who later "misremembered" the award (he didn't receive it) and later admitted there weren't any records of the hostile fire incident?   As in maybe it really didn't happen? 

  Yeah...that's the ticket!

  Obviously, Kirk and his campaign strategists have made a decision to "stonewall" the media on his military and teaching histories.   Don't talk about the made-up stuff and people will forget about it.  Ignore the reporters and they'll go away. 

  Well, the candidate and his braintrust should think again. 

  The sooner Mark Kirk stops running and answers the questions, the sooner he can resume running for the U.S. Senate.


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