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Dems Catch Break in Blago Trial?

  When federal prosecutors rested their case this week in the Rod Blagojevich corruption trial,  Illinois democrats could breathe easier, in the sudden realization that the trial would most likely be over by mid August.  That's at least a couple of weeks before Labor Day which traditionally begins the stretch run leading up to the first Tuesday in November general election.

  Earlier this year, legal "experts" predicted the testimony that began in early June would continue well into the fall campaign season and give republicans plenty of material with which to blast democrats, the party of choice for virtually all of the characters in the drama at the Dirksen.

  If Rod and wife Patti Blagojevich both testify and each spends a courtroom week on the witness stand, that takes us only to around the first of August.  Even with as many as a half dozen other defense witnesses, a few more testifying for the prosecution in rebuttal and a week of jury deliberations, there's virtually no chance this trial will ever see the light of a September day. 

  The speed at which the case is moving is wreaking havoc on the best laid plans of more than a few republican strategists.  They actually expected the trial would be the backdrop for the party's campaigns for the U.S. Senate and Governor during September and perhaps as late as October.

  And one more thing. 

  Whatever happened to Tony Rezko?  Wasn't Blago's certifiably corrupt fundraiser--still unsentenced and on standby in a Wisconsin county jail--supposed to be a federal witness against the former governor?

  Obviously, the feds believe they can nail Blago without Rezko.  It could be they're saving their cooperating witness for the trial of indicted republican boss William "Big Bill" Cellini.  Remember him?

  The new likelihood that the Blagojevich trial will have ended before the fall campaign season gets underway is a major development.

  Guilty or not guilty, the democrats just want the nightmare ended as soon as possible.





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