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Our Next White Male Mayor?

  Political tongues in Chicago are wagging this morning in the wake of the weekend Chicago Tribune/WGN poll that suggested Mayor Richard M. Daley's approval rating is an abysmal 37% only seven months before the February 22, 2011 city election. 

  And what perhaps is more ominous for hizzoner, a whopping 53% of the 500 registered voters surveyed July 8-14 said they do not want to see Daley re-elected for an unprecedented seventh term.

  The poll result was so stunning that the Chicago Sun-Times broke protocol and did its own story about its rival's survey for its on-line edition on Sunday.  In both publications, the reports speculated on what pols might consider running against the wounded incumbent.

  That's where this post begins.

  The Trib and Sun-Times reporters listed possible candidates including White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, former Chicago Inspector General David Hoffman, Cook County Assessor James Houlihan and Sheriff Tom Dart.  From the ranks of Aldermen they mentioned Scott Waguespack (32nd), Robert Fioretti (2nd), Tom Allen (38th), Tom Tunney (44th) and Sandi Jackson (7th).

  Sandi Jackson?

  Mrs. Jackson, the wife of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and the only female or minority possibility mentioned, is nearing the end of her first term and according to sources in her ward is no cinch for re-election.  She's considered a "back bencher" on the city council and during the winter campaign, can expect a serious controversy over whether she lives in South Shore or Washington, D.C..  And to make matters worse, her husband (once considered a mayoral hopeful) is embroiled in the Rod Blagojevich corruption case.

  So howizzit that my colleagues at the city's two largest daily newspapers listed all those white males in their stories when considering who might run for mayor in 2011?  If you believe the most generous count of the city's white population (40%), then the "pool" from which the reporters chose includes only 20% of the people living in Chicago.

  Are the Trib/Sun-Times scribes saying they don't consider any blacks or latinos or females (besides Alderman Jackson) as viable possible candidates in a city where people of those ethnicities comprise an overwhelming majority?

  For the record:  There are many people of color and women qualified to run Chicago and capable of winning a citywide election for mayor. 

  By the way, the by-lines atop the reports in both newspapers included no people of color. 

  This is a classic case of how reporters sometimes allow their personal points of view to leak into the speculative parts of their stories.  

  Its the kind of reporting that ENRAGES minorities and women. 


"I am running on the platform of Honest open government, better services, more jobs, lower taxes and better schools for everyone."

EMPTY RHETORIC. Just another meaningless jumble of political words that have nothing to do with reality, or the day-to-day lives of Chicagoans.

Chicago is bankrupt. Chicago's economy is decimated, having been artificially forced overseas by crooked politicians.

The Daley Administration is synomimous with massive hijacking of public resources and private jobs, to say nothing of the wholesale looting of the city treasury and private property.

The Daley Administration has destroyed the economy of one of the most powerful cities in America, by systematically eliminating one industry after another in favor of one foreign government after another. Because of Daley, Chicago tax dollars are being sucked dry and sent to Abu Dhabi, France, China, etc. Whatever tax dollars are left over is dolled out to his buddies with outrageous contracts wherein the City makes nothing, such as the Abu Dhabi Parking Meter Scandal, the French Bus Stops, and the Skyway Fraud. Where did the 1.8 Billion from the Skyway go? Anyone???

With the tax base shrinking and homeowners selling their homes because of confiscatory taxation, Daley has now resorted to selling off publicly owned assets to pay operating costs. This is a bankrupt Daley Administration that has bankrupted Chicago. When Daley lost the Olympics his house of cards was exposed.

“Mayor” is another word for “City Manager”. Daley has proven to the world that he is incapable of “managing” anything. He is the worst of the worst politicians; the opposite of a manager.

And what’s with the Mayor threatening to shove a gun up a reporter’s ass and fire off a round? Why isn’t he in jail instead of the guy from California who is now sitting in Cook County Jail? How did Daley get away with threatening the Supreme Court? So, now Daley is violating the Supreme Court decision by passing even more anti-gun laws.

Did I mention Corruption”? Another politically worn out term that has no real meaning, as it is used to describe almost everything that happens in Chicago. In place of the word corruption I prefer to use phrases like, “Selling Heroin out of the Water Department”, or “Stealing private autos”, or “Hiring the Top FBI agent to avoid jail”. The word corruption is meaningless.

Just as the words: "I am running on the platform of Honest open government, better services, more jobs, lower taxes and better schools for everyone."

Both media outlets want to make race an issue. The only "White Male" running at this time for Mayor of Chicago is myself, a play on my last name. I have passed out over 10,000 business cards with my photo along with my web site address to people all across this beautiful city. I have met people in all neighborhoods of every ethnic background. I have sent this information to both papers at the end of May 2010. I have handed out 500 copies of my web site with requests to make 5 copies and pass them out to their friends and neighbors, all this since June 01. I am running on the platform of Honest open government, better services, more jobs, lower taxes and better schools for everyone. Please look at my platform at: http://www.Fredrick-K-White.com
Thank you,
Fred White Mayor for All Chicago 2011

Perhaps those people were mentioned because they have expressed some interest in running for mayor, not simply due to their race. I believe there are a great many people who would be qualified to run for mayor. Skin color and gender should not be a factor.

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