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Quinn "Clotheslined"

  Poor Pat Quinn.

  There stood the Governor, the only elected official in the Thompson Center "blue room", announcing and trying to explain the cuts he'll have to make to bring the Illinois budget into "balance".

  Conspicously absent were the General Assembly's leaders and individual lawmakers who, in their devious way, helped orchestrate the one-man show.  In their election-year deliberations last spring, the GA refused to recommend politically unpopular cuts while during the same session would not agree on the Governor's proposed tax increase and/or borrowing to adequately fund the government departments and programs they left intact.

  So the "accidental" Governor is on his own.

  Hung out to dry.

   Like ripped and tattered drawers pinned on a political clothesline.  Blowin' in the summer wind in clear view of millions of disgusted Illinois voters.

   Quinn, who must have seen this day coming months ago, tried to buy some time when he signed the budget bills Thursday.  He did not announce which specific programs he'll whack to reach his proposed total of $1.4 billion in cuts.  A spokeswoman told me the administration would make those decisions after consulting with individual departments and agencies.  

  Do you think the Quinn administration will announce cuts in Human Services, Education and Public Safety with as much fanfare?   During an election year?

  Meanwhile, those cowardly lawmakers are back in their home districts excercising their index fingers.

  They'll use them to point at the Governor when their constituents complain about the loss of state services.


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