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More Crime and Politics

  We've all listened in varying degrees of disbelief as Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis repeatedly claims that the city's violent crime rate has decreased steadily over the past nineteen (19) months.

  The Superintendent claims we live in a safer city and blames the "24-hour news cycle" for over-doing its coverage of crime and violence, especially those incidents when dozens of people are shot during one night or weekend, sometimes several victims on the same crime scene.

  Make sure you're sitting down when you read the following look "behind the numbers".  

   Roderick Drew, the police department's media affairs director, confirmed this morning that when multiple persons are shot during a barrage of gunfire in Chicago it is counted as ONE aggravated battery.

  That's right.  Only one.  That's because a shooting, no matter how many people are hit, is counted as a single incident.

   Just last weekend (August 6-8), there were five incidents with multiple victims.  The cops counted only five aggravated batteries when in fact over 15 people were injured or killed.

   "I can't say why its counted that way", Drew told me. 

   "Its that way all over the country."

   Also, when folks in Englewood, Roseland and other ultra violent neighborhoods hear dozens of gunshots on a hot summer night, the vast majority of the incidents--even those reported to 9-1-1--are not included in the crime stats. 

   Not only is it against the law to fire a weapon inside the city, the bullets--assuming most missed their targets--are evidence of attempted aggravated batteries or even attempted murders.

  But again, nobody's including those obvious crimes in the statistics.

  I guess its not nearly as violent out there as people think it is...

  ...when you count your crimes the way the Chicago Police Department counts them.


Mr. Thomas,

Thank you for expressing what most Chicagoans (especially those on the South and West Sides) have been saying to no avail. Maybe "murders" are down, but shootings are NOT!! I'd also like to see other crime stats, such as robberies, carjackings, etc.

I just wish that others in the media would pick this up and explore it more and report it.

Finally the media is waking up and smelling a rat at 35th and michigan.If you really want to freak out pick up the READER this week. Read the vanishing BEAT COP. Then you will see why WEIS is here.

Great Article. You should share it with the folks at Second City Cop...

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