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Obama Drive

  In case you missed it (and, like me, you probably did) a stretch of U.S. roadway has been re-named in honor of the nation's 44th President and the first African-American to hold the office.

  Through southwest suburban, predominantly-black Calumet Park, a two miles long, east-west length of 127th Street has been re-named "Obama Drive". 

   This is not an "honorary" designation as is done too often in Chicago.  This is the real deal.   And according to Calumet Park Mayor Joseph DuPar, 127th between Carpenter and Winchester Avenue is the first street re-named for President Barack Obama in the country.

  The village held an official re-naming ceremony on Saturday, August 21st but to the dismay of Mayor DuPar and Cal Park officials no Chicago media showed up to cover it.

  I didn't hear about the event until after the fact and I'm sorry I wasn't there.

  But let the record show that Obama Drive is located in Calumet Park, Illinois...

  ...and you heard it here first.



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