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Drinkin' The Rahm Kool-Aid

  The fact I'm writing this post from a Washington, D.C. hotel room should be all the evidence you need that Rahm Emanuel is a master manipulator of all things political.  For a candidate with virtually no "on the ground" support for his planned run for Mayor of Chicago, he is getting more publicity than any of the other hopefuls despite the fact he doesn't even live in the city.

  Emanuel has served the past 20 months as President Barack Obama's Chief of Staff.  He is the "gatekeeper" at the Oval Office who choreographs Obama's every presidential move.

  So it follows that he set up his own "resignation ceremony" that cameraman Derrick Robinson and I flew through a rainstorm tonight to cover tomorrow.  Its one more drop in the drip-drip of manufactured news leading up to Emanuel's eventual announcement.

  He'll make national headlines in the East Room Friday before heading back to Chicago where cameras will greet him at O'Hare like some new-age Napoleon.  Then Monday, Emanuel plans a listening tour in the neighborhoods outside the Northside Congressional district he represented before he quit the House to become Obama's Chief of Staff.

  But back to tomorrow's ceremony for a moment.  The President will undoubtedly thank his outgoing chief for his 21 months of 24-7 devotion and wish Emanuel well in his future endeavors.  Does that mean that "His Audaciousness" is endorsing Emanuel to be Chicago's next mayor?  Could "The Leader of the Free World--with enough national and international problems on his plate--actually get involved in hometown mayoral politics?

 And is the fact that Emanuel would involve himself in such doings at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue evidence of a "disconnect" with real people and real issues back in Chicago?  Are people in Roseland, Englewood, Sauganash, Lakeview, Back of the Yards, Bridgeport, Chatham, North Lawndale and dozens of other Chicago neighborhoods really impressed by Washington, D.C. ceremonies?

  They're more concerned about unemployment, crime, foreclosures, vacant buildings and trash pickup.  Rahm's campaign might be better served by cancelling the White House farewell and catching an earlier flight home to begin his planned "listening tour" a few days earlier.

  But Emanuel knows best when it comes to how to run a campaign and he's proved it over the years.

  After all, he's got me tossing and turning in a D.C. Hotel...

  ...Drinkin' the Rahm Kool-Aid.


yes...you guzzle the rahn kool-aid! you should be fired immediatley for the way you teated william kelly on monday. blocking another reporter from questioning? really? you have officially rendered yourself useless as a journalist. shame on you, you pompous jerk!


In 33 days the people of Illinois will vote and hopefully send all the democrats PACKING and take there obamacare AKA healthcare with them. Obama's nine finger enforcer Rahm Emanuel boy needs to keep his double standard in his own pockets not the people of Chicago's

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