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The Invisible Black Mayor

  Here's something Chicago's African-American political and community leaders should consider in their quest to find a "viable" black candidate to run for mayor next year:

  Perhaps there is no one who could or should run in 2011.

  There are many black political, business and community leaders qualified to run the 5th floor of Chicago City Hall.   But could their community's best choice next year not be an African-American? 

  Think about it...

  All the African-American aldermen to whom I've spoken are not willing to give up their current jobs and risk a run for Mayor.  Most of them will seek re-election in 2011. 

  And for the past decade, the vast majority did not exactly distinguish themselves in the city council.  Most simply rubber-stamped the agenda of Mayor Richard M. Daley who the Chicago Tribune reports has an all-time low approval rating.

  And since 2003, during Daley's last two terms, the Mayor has not appointed African Americans to the highest-profile positions in his government that might have provided the basis for a citywide candidacy.   Remember, there has not been a black Chicago Public Schools CEO since 1995 and no African-American Police Superintendent since 2003.

  How about a candidate picked from the Congressional Delegation?

  Danny Davis:  Too old.

  Bobby Rush:   Health issues.

  Jesse Jackson, Jr.:  Issues.

   Former U.S. Senator Carol Moseley Braun, at 63 years old, has proclaimed her candidacy for 2011.  She's trying to resurrect a career in elective politics that most thought ended 12 years ago.   I'm sure her people are busy circulating petitions but if what she's done "on the street" so far is any indication of her campaign's energy level....

   Chicago's black political leadership can only blame itself for not developing a new generation of leaders.

   The Cook County Board might have been a springboard for a mayoral candidate but look there and see ancient African-American members Jerry Butler, Earlene Collins and William Beavers.   The younger Robert Steele is obviously not a healthy man and Brenda Sims is...well...Brenda Sims.

  State Senators James Meeks and Rickey "Hollywood" Hendon would like to be mayor.  But Meeks' viability is questioned by many in "the black caucus" because of his stated intent to continue as head pastor of the Salem Baptist Church.   The conventional wisdom is that the "secular" community (perhaps the majority of city residents) would never vote for a minister/mayor or mayor/minister.

  Hendon's appeal beyond the African-American community is questioned by many black leaders.

  How about Cook County Board of Review Commissioner Larry Rogers?

  Larry who?

  Rogers is intelligent, personable, well-groomed and financially independent.  But I doubt he has the coin for enough media to make Larry Rogers a citywide, household name in barely four months.

  Ditto for the younger members of the city's African-American delegation to Springfield. 

  The very real chance that there might not be a viable black candidate for mayor is seemingly lost on the group of elected and community leaders conducting this weekend's forum at Bethel AME Church at 4440 South Michigan Avenue.

   The Chicago Coalition for Mayor has invited only potential African-American candidates to appear at the event which is open to the public.

   The Coalition is taking a huge risk.

   There's a chance that the best mayor for Chicago's African-American community in 2011 might come in some other shade.


The most progressive Candidate in the Mayoral race is William Dock Walls III he has been working in the Chicago communities. "The first shall be last and the last shall be first"

To learn more about William Dock Walls, visit his website at: http://wallsformayor.com

He is advocating turning Chicago into the NANOTECHNOLOGY CAPITAL of the world.

Chicago had an entire history of non-black mayors before Mayor Harold Washington and what did they do for us. After his death and the in-fighting, what has having an non-black mayor did for us? Why Daley took all the advances we made "in spite of" and removed them all and you want to advocate that we continue with MORE OF THE SAME?????

Wow, what kind of political reporter who knows that BILL DOCK WALLS has run a campaign for mayor would ignore it? Charles Thomas is guilty of ignoring a contender. Why?

I, Fredrick K White, have been running for Mayor of ALL OF CHICAGO since April 2011. I am a lifelong resident of Chicago - over 45 years. I see the needs of its peoples, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! I have traveled all over the city and have been in every ward over the past 25 years. I see people selling dime bags on the street so their family can eat - believe me they are not making millions or they would live in mansions. I see jobs leaving the city because of the taxes. Please look at my site and read my platform, I do not need a listening tour, or to form a committee to see what is happening. And I do have solutions!

Fredrick-K-White for Mayor of ALL of CHICAGO in 2011

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