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Obama Fights, Madigan Hides

  You've got to give President Barack Obama this much:

  He does not run from a fight.

  The President returns to Chicago Saturday to headline what appears to be a desperation "get out the vote" rally for Illinois democratic candidates.   The latest independent polls suggest the party's U.S. Senate hopeful Alexi Giannoulias and Governor Pat Quinn are trailing their republican opponents by slim margins as we approach the final weekend of the campaign.  Ditto for State Treasurer nominee Robin Kelly and Comptroller candidate David Miller.

  Polling also suggests as many as three democratic-held Illinois Congressional seats (11th, 14th, 17th) are in play.

  Obama will defend his home turf literally on his home turf.  The GOTV rally will be held on the Midway Plaisance at the University of Chicago, only blocks from the President's Kenwood house.   

  Some national media pundits profess that too many Illinois democratic losses next Tuesday, especially if they include Obama's former U.S. Senate seat, will amount to an embarassing homestate referendum on the President's policies.

  But other observers, including Illinois republican chairman Pat Brady, say the dems troubles here are locally grown.  He cites the Rod Blagojevich corruption case and Springfield's $13-15 billion deficit. 

Where's Madigan?

  Meanwhile, the State Democratic Party Chairman Michael Madigan is still missing in action.

  Republican Party leaders have made Madigan, who doubles as the powerful Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, an issue in the campaign.   They point to Madigan's inability to resolve the budget crisis, despite the fact democrats control both chambers of the General Assembly, the Governor's mansion and every other statewide office.

  Madigan reportedly has a good reason to lower his usually low-profile:  A Public Policy Polling survey earlier this month put his "unfavorables" at a whopping 52%.

  Unlike G.O.P. Chairman Brady, the democratic boss has made virtually no public appearances or made any statements on behalf of his party's candidates.   And as pointed out in this space (10/13/10) his statewide organization has all but abandoned cyberspace as a means to reach voters.

  Madigan has never responded to republican ridicule of his purported hiring/assignment of a shill "republican" candidate to run against the Speaker in the 22nd legislative district.

  And how about the boss's no-show in Chicago earlier this week at the event where former President Bill Clinton attempted to rally democratic party troops to get out the vote for their struggling ticket.

  On Saturday, President Barack Obama flies from Washington, D.C. to Hyde Park to "run into a burning building" to save what he can.

  One of the owners of that building--who some say played a major role in setting the fire--lives only a few neighborhoods away on the Southwest Side.

  Will he join the rescue?

  Or will Mike Madigan continue to lay low?








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