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Rahma Drama

 Is the Rahm Emanuel for Mayor campaign getting the pre-residency hearing jitters?

 Are the candidate's handlers risking their credibility to put the best spin possible out there before their candidate testifies where he does or does not live?

 The effort's usually reliable and very professional communications director Ben "Lightning" LaBolt e-mailed a missive at 5:05pm Monday titled "Developments Today", presumably a general update on all things Emanuel.

  In it, he writes "...The Sun-Times has a new poll that shows strong support for Rahm across the city and across demographic groups."

  It turns out this "development" was a Lynn Sweet blog post on a "poll" the Emanuel campaign had done for itself.   In other words, LaBolt gave the Sun-Times ownership of the survey perhaps trying to get the rest of us to bite and report it.

  Does he think we're stupid? 

  The Washington-based Sweet, one of the best political reporters in the country, should be livid.

  ABC-7 does not report the findings of internal polls because the questions are sometimes asked to elicit positive answers about the candidates who commissioned them.  Keep in mind that these kinds of surveys frequently are used to convince campaign donors to give and keep giving.

  And how about LaBolt and others in the Emanuel campaign making written reference to their candidate by his first name only?  

  Yeah, Rahm is one of the cooler first names out there and undoubtedly when its spoken in Chicago, we know exactly to whom it refers.  I've used it for a headline or two in this space.

  But are Emanuel's handlers trying to make their guy the "Prince", "Madonna" or "Oprah" of American politics?

  Enough on this.  Gotta get to the residency hearing.


Mr. Thomas A Davis vs. Goliath Story...Sorry but did not know how to get this story to you.


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