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They Run for the Money

  Have you noticed how quickly Illinois politicians move when it comes to raising taxes or fees?

  Take the Illinois Tollway Authority, for example, and how speedily it "closed" this week's decision to nearly double the rates drivers pay to use the system's highways.

  Board Chairman Paula Wolfe reminded me that her members had considered a toll increase to fund a $12 billion capital program since early 2010. 

  But public hearings on the 87.5% proposed hike did not begin until August 18th and the series of 15 sessions were crammed into the next five days ending on August 23rd.

  Incredibly, the Board met  two days later on the morning of August 25th to "vote" its approval of the 15-year program as if the members had given any real study or consideration to the public testimony, most of which was orchestrated by self-interested labor unions and roadbuilders.

  While covering what critics called the "done deal" at the Tollway's palatial Downers Grove headquarters, I could not help but think of the Chicago Public School Board's decision a day earlier to approve a "maximum-allowed" increase in the city property tax.

  On August 5th, only one week after Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Chicagoans were being "nickeled and dimed" by taxers, the CPS Board appointed by the Mayor proposed raising property taxes.  The new levy would cost the owner of an average home ($250,000) an additional $84 a year.  The increase would generate $150 million dollars of the district's projected $712 million deficit.

  Taxpayers barely had a chance to see the CPS budget on line, let alone on paper, before public hearings were scheduled five days later on August 10th, 11th and 12th. 

  Emanuel's Board voted and approved the tax increase unanimously August 24th. 


  The Tollway Authority and Chicago School Board may have learned from the "clinic" Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and the democratic legislative leaders held earlier this year on "the need for speed".

  Remember last January when the General Assembly reconvened for its "lame duck" session? 

  In a scant 48 hours ending before dawn on Jan. 12th, the democratic-controlled House and Senate had raised the Illinois corporate and personal income tax rates only hours before new members could be seated.  The next day, January 13th, the Governor signed the bill, which was retroactive to January 1st.


  Taxpayers never knew what hit 'em.

   Keep in mind that high-speed taxation is happening in Illinois as newly-elected state and city "reform" politicians use the word "transparent" to describe their new modus operandi.

  Its transparent, all right.

  Taxpayers should see right through it.




Jó olvasni a történetet és tudja, nem én vagyok az egyetlen plotzing az állami, a magán, mint hogy lehet, de a portörlés magamat és megyünk egyenesen a cégem .. beszélni kezd a második szél .. a képek csodálatosak mint mindig ... és mint a kisgyerekek, hogy mindannyian egyszerre voltak, vagyunk, és a 'em jobb .. köszönöm a gyors megosztására .. ölelés ..

As many politicians are seemingly programmed they “run to the money” however is it those monies that fund extracurricular activities for youth, ending poverty, feeding America, or assuring that elders and folks with lack of medical resources are guaranteed the prescription in which a M.D. have prescribed as needed for life or death concerning our uninsured children, grandmother or elderly father when they need you the most.

What’s to it; Have your Alderman and or other city politicians ran to the Federal Government for anything more then [bullshit] and special interest projects benefiting themselves mostly before the community. Question does Chicago have a government that are for the people ran by the people? FYI Are citizens Constitutional Rights upheld in the City of Chicago? Have authorities like the C.police.D come to overrun poverty-stricken communities without justice to those that inhibit the community, when it comes to young black men and upholding their right? Do Hispanic politicians realize that every action they take is with blatant disregard to the historical facts of the struggle of Afro Americans and resources sought after? How long will the United States Government allow Mexican immigrants harbor within the ghettos of Chicago’s South and West Sides?

Our officials are busy letting a singular Non-Partisan President act alone with only considerations to the bill when it comes to the second effort revisions to eliminate from Congress considerations. I have not seen a more transparent administration for the Rights of the people, when it comes to allowing all people equal representation, opening doors for immigrants across the world the opportunity to have a successful democratic life in America, while also taking on a war and taking it’s leader down. Consider that this is nearing election and remember to vote for who you think is the best for a Nation not your individual interest for we the people push for a government that lacks special interest and only the interest of the people can be the answer to creating a more prosperous U.S.A.

Here we have it I am for the people Jerell Thomas a man that does not intend to be freighted off by organizations, individuals, money, corruptions, or other cheap antics to stop a true change on local levels that are evident for the peoples better quality of life in the Ghetto. A change that whites can also visualize which enables little black boys and girls to play in the inner city hand and hand with little white boys and girls without hiking property tax rates to high, or moving those placed in the community for years out for lack of financial responsibility. The environment only need to change not the people of the inner city just maybe its politicians that govern those communities in 20 to 50 years of disarray. Here we have it a man of the inner city living, working to make real differences for all people, with the thoughts of bringing better all around the world! JtoTheTruthThomas.zooloo.com or Facebook Jerell Thomas it’s your man with the plan…

I saw you today walking by Union Station. I thought it was you! Enjoy the day!

Extended hours for three schools. All of a sudden they have the money to give a 2% raise and other monies to be able to pull this off. The other day Mayor Rahm said his man in charge of schools straightened out the CPS main headquarters and made all of the large cuts that he could make, and we still need to raise property taxes the maximum amount allowed under state law. Now the Mayors guy says he can make some more cuts at CPS headquarters to pay for longer school hours.

The new Mayor promised openness in his administration, well it looks like same old same old.

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