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March 2009

On The Road to a Virtual Voyage!

I figured a  “Throwback Thursday” would be a most appropriate time to wax nostalgic and invite you to join me on my next virtual vacation!  This weekend I will set off on a wondrous adventure “across the pond”  touring southern England!  As if that weren’t fabulous enough, I’m traveling with my daughter Sara, just the two of us, as her graduation gift before she heads off to college next month! 

  SCAN0468_2 IMG_0363


  During my 25+ years at ABC7, many of you have watched Sara grow up over the years - here’s the nostalgic part - and during that time she has become an incredible traveler! 








She took her first cruise before she was 2 - at 4, she was climbing pyramids in Mexico!

  SCAN0468 SCAN0467
















At 6, Sara accompanied me and my Mom on a trip to Spain - 3 generations in our mother country! At 10, Sara was sightseeing through ancient Greece; at 12 she experienced the glaciers of Alaska!

SCAN0467_2 IMG_0677









                         Alaska july 26 to aug 5 2008 146 (2)


I took her to President Obama’s first inauguration - we explored the holy land together with members of our congregation.

  Inauguration Express 1-20-09 127 IMG_3875









I chaperoned a high school choir trip to Ireland, and back in the states we took road trips to our national parks and the entire stretch of Rt. 66!  Sara’s 18th birthday with a destination party to the “Happiest Place on Earth!”

  IMG_5055 IMG_5450









IMG_8451 IMG_9333









I now invite you to join us on our next adventure, as I share our discoveries in London and many other historic places in the UK.  We arrive at Heathrow Airport Monday August 4th; posts on Facebook and Twitter soon to follow!  As this is an “interactive vacation,” feel free to make suggestions, ask questions or give advice - this is the first time in the UK for both of us!

 https://www.facebook.com/RozVaronABC7   https://twitter.com/rozvaronABC7 

One more thing - a heartfelt thanks to my incredibly understanding husband for giving Sara and I this special bonding time while he stays at home.  Besides, someone has to watch the dogs, right?!


Bon Voyage!




Roz on the Road to Girl Scout Cookie Sales...Again!

Just when I thought I'd helped my daughter deliver her last box of Girl Scout Cookies, they're baaa-aaack!  But this time, it's in the form of a council-wide service project.  Before you say OMG, I can't even look at another Thin Mint, hear me out.  Throughout the month of April, Girl Scouts from the Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Council (which consists of about 80-thousand girls!) will participate in the "Gift of Caring."  During this council-wide project, customers will have the opportunity to purchase Girl Scout Cookies to be donated to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces.  It's a sort of "virtual sale."  You can make the donation and Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana will make sure the cookies make it to the service men and women (and yes, you'll get a receipt.)  Just in case you're still craving those yummy cookies, you can order them for yourself during this month-long project!

This service project also benefits the girls.  The troop earns $1 dollar per box of cookies sold.  The cookie sale earnings are how troops pay for outings from camp, to fun weekend getaways.

Let me take a proud mom moment - last night my daughter attended a Girl Scout award ceremony for being one of the top Girl Scout Cookie sellers.  She has achieved this status 3 years in a row, and while yes, she does get help from our family, she has learned how to create her own sales strategies, resulting in a sense of accomplishment.  I have told Sara, as long as she wants to be a Girl Scout, I will continue to be a Girl Scout leader.

Girl scout cookie award 3-30-09 010 (2)

If you would like more information on the Girl Scout Gift of Caring program, here's the link - http://www.girlscoutsgcnwi.org/cookies-and-more/exciting-cookie-news/

Thanks for supporting this wonderful organization!


On the Road to Oklahoma - the musical!

In a time when budget constraints are forcing many public schools to severely reduce or eliminate their fine arts programs, I feel fortunate that my school district continues to offer wonderful extra curricular opportunities to my daughter.  Case in point - the middle school production of "Oklahoma." Let me say right up front, I am not a theatre critic, professional or otherwise - but after seeing the school's production of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, I must say "Kudos!" to not only the students (in cast "A" and "B"), but to the teachers involved in the show.  Understand, my daughter did not have a lead - I would describe it more like an extended chorus role, but being the proud mom that I am (all parents understand this!) I went to both cast shows, camera and video in hand! 

Oklahoma 2-28-09 009 

When I found out last year that the school musical would be Oklahoma!, my first thoughts were what are they thinking?  I'm no expert, but this is a tough show for grades 5 through 8!  The vocal demands for the Laurey and Curly roles are challenging enough (think Shirley Jones and Gordon MacRae), but then throw in the southwestern, turn of the century dialect and you've got your hands full.  Well, to my surprise, they pulled it off!  This was a tight, middle school production with no major snags.  Cast A's Ado Annie was phenomenal - in voice and comic timing...don't be surprised to see her on the professional stage or screen someday.  Every student involved in this production should be proud of their performance. 

Being the involved parent that I am, I have ruffled more than a few feathers at our middle school, arguing about policies, excessive homework and the likes - all in an effort to make sure my daughter has the best educational experience possible.  Don't get me wrong - I do appreciate all the hard work that goes into teaching our children.  Being an educator is no easy task, and with that in mind, I would like to thank the entire staff who worked on Oklahoma! for a job well done.  Thank you, to Director Ms. L., who is dedicated to bettering our children through exposure to theatre; thank you, to Music Director Mrs. W., who pours her heart and soul into every song; and thank you, to Art Director Mrs. M. who magically makes a school auditorium come to life as a turn of the century farmhouse.

Thank you for taking us "on the road" to Oklahoma!