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From SAD to Glad!

January has to be just about the crummiest month of the year, at least here in the midwest!  It's cold, there's very little daylight, it's cold, you're playing catch-up with holiday bills, it's cold, everything takes longer in the winter, and did I mention IT'S COLD!! 

All kidding aside, this is the time of year when many people suffer from SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that occurs during the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody.  I was looking for a little perk-me-up the other day, so I posed this question to my Facebook Friends:  "What do you do to get through the doldrums of January?"  The responses were fast and furious!  Can I even tell you how much I appreciate my FB friends!  Let me share some of their responses - they range from funny and clever to quite practical!

Sandy adopted a dog who makes her laugh with hugs! (nothing like that unconditional love!)

GrandpanGrandma Micek plays "She Wolf" by Shakira and can't stop dancing!  (I may have trouble getting that image out of my head!)

Jane and Jill also recommended dancing (no surprise - they're pros at Arthur Murray!)

 Louise, Sherry and Tracy said working out does it for them. (pilates anyone?!)

Abby says "Let's move our offices to The bahamas (just til Cubbies opening day!)"  Any Sox fans want to chime in?

Debra takes vitamin D; Shayna paints and Paula catches up on her reading (the latest Dan Brown book is collecting dust on my nightstand!)

Tammie suggests roller skating (I'm sure she means once the snow melts!)

Tricia, Julie, Mary and Bill screamed V A C A T I O N !

Cathy says "Spa day and shopping...need a partner?!"  I may take you up on that!

I'd love to hear more suggestions!  I'm already smiling from ear to ear...gotta go now and answer my phone - it's my travel agent!



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Polartec or fleece anything from head to toe (including socks.) Then I wrap in a fleece blanket and listen to some meditation CD's - pretending I'm on a warm beach, just relaxing in the sunshine, listening to the gentle waves . . . . ah I'm drifting off now.....

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