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On The Road to R & R!

I have always said one of the best things about my job is the fact that I am constantly learning new things, meeting new people and visiting new places. I am putting that to good use right now, by sharing one of those experiences with my Girl Scout Troop.

These 4 wonderful 8th graders sold enough cookies to pay for an end-of-year weekend trip.  Drawing from my travels through my One Tank Trip series, I suggested we go to Galena, Illinois - and here we are!  I wanted them to experience the history of Grant's home, the beautiful scenery of the rolling hills, the quaint Main Street stores and restaurants and the unique Galena Log Cabins - complete with Alpacas!  I wanted to see the wonder and enjoyment through their eyes.

Today we'll take a riverboat tour along the Mighty Mississippi.  We'll do some sight-seeing and tonight, some star-gazing.  Of course it wouldn't be a Girl Scout outing if we didn't build a camp fire and make s'mores!

What I've come to realize, is this trip is also giving ME a chance to breathe!  I've been so consumed by construction stories, special segments and the regular work/family juggling act, I'm lucky if I have a spare moment to take a relaxing walk with my dogs!  How did it get so crazy-busy?!

I know you can relate to this - we all have our own "deadlines" to make!  

I am relaxing on this brief getaway.  I'm up with the sun (which is sleeping in for me!) while everyone else still snoozes.  I enjoy this quiet time - birds chirping, coffee brewing, and a chance to share my thoughts.

Next week, I'll begin another special series, as well as keeping a close eye on the transportation beat.  

For now, I'm going to breathe deep and enjoy some R & R!


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You should leave and take the whole station with you. This is the worst station in town. The only reason you claim to be the best is because you are the worst news in town. You should get ridof all of your newscasts.

The last comment about you and your station shocked me. That person with the poison pen must be miserable about life and with living in this World. You and your whole morning crew make my day. You are so pleasing and always have a smile on your face even when I know you are troubled about things. You are proud of your daughter and of the Chicagoland area with it's many people.

Best wishes and forget that last comment before me.......... I'll pray for that individual of dispair and hope things turn around for him/her.

I agree with John; I feel sorry for "leave"

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