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On The Road to Ireland

Want to know your teen better? Go on a trip with them -want some insight into your teen's world? Go on a trip with them and 40 of their peers as a parent chaperone! My initial intention when I signed on as a chaperone for the high school music students' trip to Ireland was a tad self-serving...a chance to see a magnificent country for the first time, and spend some (very limited) time with my daughter. It's turned into much more.
Our first two days were a whirlwind of history, foliage and fun sprinkled with jet lag! Each chaperone has 4 students in their group. We began our adventure at The Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary. This historic site was the seat of kings from the 4th century until 1101 when it was presented to the church. Talk about ancient artifact!

At the end of our tour we made our way to Cork for dinner and some well needed sleep!
By our second day, many of us were adjusting to the 5 hour time difference - good thing, because we were on our way to the Blarney Castle & Gardens, to climb the narrow stairs that lead to the top of the castle, to kiss "the Blarney Stone" (like I really need any help in the gift of gab department!).

The odd thing is, tradition requires you to lay on your back and bend backwards to "kiss the stone" nearly upside down! I guess, "when in Rome..." right?! The gardens were absolutely amazing - 60 acres of the most brilliant hues you can imagine. The greenery is everything you've heard about and then some! The "Emerald Isle" doesn't begin to cover the richness of the deep green foliage that surrounds us.

Before leaving the area, we "shopped 'til we dropped" at Blarney Woollen Mills - the "largest Irish Gift Shop in the world!". I believe it! Strike a pose!

Our day wraps up at Killarney National Park - an incredible 26-thousand acres filled with mountains, lakes, woodlands and waterfalls! The fresh air was almost intoxicating. The serene beauty was beyond magnificent!

All this in just 2 days! Day 3 will bring more sightseeing, and then the students' first performance - and they are amazing!


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Roz.....Enjoy the "Gift of Ireland!!!"

thought about you and your trip, and how you must be enjoying it, and I saw the pictures and am living very much vicariously through this, ty....

this is a trip my husband and I hope to take. that said I am enjoying your travels.

How wonderful that you were able to do this with your daughter. You get to not only live the beauty that is Ireland, but having shared this with your daughter is something you two will never forget. This is the stuff of which memories are made.

what a great time you all must be having! Thanks for sharing.

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