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On The Road To St. Brigid's Vocational School, County Loughrea, Galway Ireland

The world is a very big place - today it got just a little bit smaller. The concert at St. Brigid's Vocational School in Galway created an instant bond between students who normally share their love of music in very different places, thousands of miles away. This afternoon, they couldn't get on other's Facebook page fast enough!

Day 5 began with a tour of Connemara Marble, and a demonstration on how the famous green marble, unique to Ireland, is used in beautiful jewelry. If your child is on this trip, don't be surprised if you receive a lovely gift!

Our wonderful guide, Liam, didn't want to pass up an opportunity for the kids to venture out on the beach on the way to the school concert - as long as they didn't track sand on the bus - my kinda guy!

As we pulled into the parking lot of St. Brigid's, the kids couldn't contain their excitement at the special reception from their Irish companions.

**Pay close attention to the songs you hear on the bagpipes in this video!

YouTube Video

The concert was magical. Our students were amazing, and their Irish counterparts were thrilled by their performance. BTW, I didn't see one parent chaperone with a dry eye in the place, myself included!

YouTube Video

When it was time for the St. Brigid's students to perform, our kids were just as amazed, if not more so, by the wonderful representation of Irish culture in music, song and dance.

YouTube Video

"Riverdance," you've got nothin' compared to Clodagh Harris's Traditional Hornpipe Dance! Our students were mesmerized - so were the adults!

YouTube Video

After the concert the students had a chance to socialize. They were so curious, and wanted to know more about each other on every level!

To observe this was so touching to me. If we just open our eyes, and try to look at the world without blinders, we can see that we really aren't all that different from one another. We can learn so much from our children.

I am blessed to be on this trip.


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I thought it was really wonderful,the way the students from Ireland received the students from the U.S.,It's true ,students no matter where they are from, are the same.Both performances were well done,wish I could have been there,but the video's were great ,Thanks for sharing.
Susan Bubak

Thanks again for all of these entries... I'm shedding a tear and my husband is pouring himself a Guinness!

So much fun for the students to share the cultures! Thanks for sharing their performances. What a wonderful experience for everyone!

What a great way to memorialize this adventure. Thanks for everything Roz!

Roz, thank you so much for allowing us all to re-live our trip

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