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On The Road to The Ring of Kerry

The more things change, the more they stay the same. When my generation was 16, we didn't have cell phones, laptops, or any of the other technology that preoccupies today's teens - however, it's been my observation - especially on this trip with 40 teens, that the conflicts, struggles and ultimate rewards are pretty much the same. One minute I'm having an intellectually compelling conversation with a student...the next, the kids shriek with delight as our bus passes a flock of sheep grazing on the rocky hillside (and in Ireland, that happens every few minutes!) - more on the sheep later!
Day three took us through the Ring of Kerry, an incredibly scenic circular route, encompassing 180 km of castles, historic homes and quaint villages nestled within several peninsulas.

Our delightful guide, Liam, with his magically lyrical Irish brogue, surprised the students by stopping at a sheep farm for a herding demonstration given by Brendan Ferris and his award winning border collies!

YouTube Video

This eventful day culminated with the students' first concert at St. Mary's Church in Killarney. A very moving performance. We, as parents and music lovers could not have been more proud.

YouTube Video

Location:County Kerry, Ireland


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The choir sounds great! Love it! Ya all have the time of your life!

My daughter is on this trip, and wants to bring back home a baby lamb. (Please double-check the baggage before they get on the plane...) My husband and I really appreciate the photos, commentary and especially the videos! It's wonderful that you are able to share this experience with your daughter, and that those of us who are back home can live vicariously through your blog. Thank you!!!

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