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On The Road to Grand Teton

Had I known that I would see so many amazing things in our grand national parks road trip, I would have given myself several more days!  Our last two days were spent in Grand Teton National Park.  On the drive south we witnessed another herd of bison in action.  They were so close we could hear them grunt (I think that's the sound they make)!


This was our day for wildlife sightings!  We took scenic Gull Point Drive adjacent to Yellowstone Lake, and saw a beaver hard at work!


The best photo op just happened upon us when 2 large elk popped out of the forest and began walking along the side of the road!!

IMG_5950                                                               Absolutely amazing!


As we drove south on Highway 89, 191/287, the majestic mountains peak up above the forest, waiting to greet you. 


                                       The snow-capped Tetons are simply breathtaking!


We drove to several overlooks, hoping to see more wildlife.  We saw plenty of bison, a couple of pronghorn, but have yet to spot a moose.  We've made that our mission before we leave!

IMG_5982 IMG_5985










Our last day at Jackson Hole Wyoming brought another first for me - whitewater rafting! The first half was a scenic float along the Snake River.  


We were thrilled to see so many bald eagles, as well as pelicans and other wildlife.

IMG_5995 IMG_6006








IMG_6005 IMG_5998










The second half of the trip - not so tranquil! Eight miles of whitewater rapids!  I have to admit, it was exhilarating!  I can't believe I was ever nervous!  

The best part of the trip came at day's end.  We were telling some of the other folks on the whitewater trip about our mission to find a moose. As fortune would have it, they had seen 2 of these magnificent creatures earlier in the day "this close" to our lodge!  Much to my surprise, the directions they gave us were spot on - and yes, we found our moose!


The pefect ending to a perfect road trip!


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