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On The Road To The Avon Walk For Breast Cancer

No, it's not October - it isn't even May.  We're not surrounded by everything "pink" - it's February and we're surrounded by snow!  Yet for some reason I have recently been asked by numerous organizations to speak as a breast cancer survivor at their events.  I am always flattered by these requests.  What many of you may not know - the speaking engagements turn out to be as inspirational for me as for the thousands of women (and men) in the audience! I love the energy, the interaction, the respect for our mutual journeys.

That being said, I have taken on a new challenge.  I've signed up for the Avon 2-day Walk For Breast Cancer in Chicago, June 1st and 2nd.  It's more than just a personal challenge; it's a way for me to connect with thousands of survivors, friends and family of survivors, and those passionate about helping to find a cure.

I thought long and hard about making this committment, as it is not an easy task!  I will be training for the next 3 months, walking several miles 4 to 5 days a week.  My biggest concern was not the physical aspect, but the time factor.  Then again, my philosophy has always been, I'm at my best when I'm busiest!  In order to keep myself motivated, I enlisted a partner - my 17 year old daughter!

Sara will be training with me as we motivate each other!  She'll help me document, I'll help her fundraise. Together we're unstoppable! 

I invite you to follow our journey as I will be blogging up until and throughout the walk.  You'll be able to find me on line, on Facebook and on Twitter.  I welcome your comments and any helpful hints from those of you who have tackled this before.  But most of all, I appreciate the support you've shown me, since my diagnosis in June 2006.

To learn more, visit my Personal Page http://info.avonfoundation.org/site/TR/Walk/Chicago?px=3458378&pg=personal&fr_id=2210

Wish me luck - I'm in it to end it!


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